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ALL files are hand drawn at 350 DPI.

You MUST purchase a commercial license before printing fabric in house and/or mass producing.


All the terms listed below apply for both Artworks by Afreen and Creative Designs.

Permission of use is only given only through purchase of designs.

Do not attempt to resell my designs and do not tamper with, trace, heavily reference or change my designs in any way.

Do not Share designs without watermark and do not attempt to remove watermark without purchase and do not claim my artwork as your own.

Please Credit and tag Afreen and/or Artworks by Afreen and likewise for Creative Designs

Stealing is absolutely not tolerated and I, the artist, reserve the right to take action once terms have been breached.

Customers are strictly prohibited from reselling or redistributing the Designs in any form, whether in their original form or modified.

Watermark and Sharing

Customers are prohibited from sharing or distributing the Designs without the watermark.


File sharing is not allowed, do not send my designs to your friends or other small shops.

Removing my as well as other shop owners’, who have purchased my artwork, watermarks from any of my designs is strictly prohibited.

Use of Designs

Purchased Designs are intended for sublimation printing, physical products, and fabric usage only.

You are not allowed to use my designs for manufacturing, my artwork is strictly for small shop use. With proper licensing, contact, and Non-Disclosure Agreements, I do allow for some mass producing and POD items to be sold. I, the artist reserves the right to redetermine or change POD and mass production allowance at any time to protect my business and artwork.


Buyer may not use the transparent designs to create new colourways or add any backgrounds to it. And /or sell them.

You will not alter my designs even by adding filters, changing colours or anything.

Customers are solely responsible for ensuring that the use of the Designs complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and intellectual property rights.

Commissioning Artwork

I, as the artist include all rights to the artwork within all commissions, including distribution. I reserve the right to display said artwork on any form of social media, on my website, or within any portfolio.

In ANY instance in which I, the artist, am provided with reference images or requests that the commissioner does NOT own the rights to (ie. copyrighted images, licensed images, other artworks, etc.) I am NOT to be held with any responsibility of legal repercussions that would/may arise from that situation.

Altering of commissioned works is NOT allowed, however, exceptions are made for personal use. For example, you as the commissioner are allowed to crop, resize, or turn the image in any way for personal use.. personal use could be digital wallpapers, invitations, or other graphics that are NOT for commercial use.

You, the commissioner, are responsible for any and all commissioned work once emailed directly to you or uploaded to a drive by myself, the artist. Although it is likely I will have a copy of your commissioned work located in my drive, I am NOT responsible for replacing lost files. It is highly recommended that you back up your files and save them accordingly. There is no guarantee that if you, the commissioner, lose your commissioned work, that I will have a copy to send at your convenience.

Turn Around Time

My TAT is usually a week, but it might take as long as 14 days for various reasons.

Please keep messages regarding you, the commissioner, asking for updates at a minimum as I will do so myself when available. Clogging my messages will NOT speed up the process anymore. I am human. I’m running a business all by myself and in order to continue running my business I do have lots of other things to work on as well as drops to prepare for to keep up my regular income.


If you are a small handmade shop, you do not need extra licensing for your makes.

If you plan on wholesaling makes with my files or using POD services, I require a single files license for every 100 items sold. Wholesaling and POD services MUST be approved and have a proper NDA signed.

If you are a shop selling fabric by the yard, DTF/Sublimation transfer sheets, blankets, towels, leather, vinyl, packaging supplies, etc. you are required to purchase a single file license at the time of purchase.


I currently offer yearly licensing, for purchase. I, the artist, reserve the right to alter pricing at ANY time. Yearly licenses have zero-yard limit and any file purchased while “active” will remain yours. in order to CONTINUE buying files you MUST RENEW your license before the year is up. Failure to do so will result in you, the customer, requiring a new yearly license rather than a renewal option.


Digital downloads are non-refundable once the files have been sent. Due to the nature of instant digital downloads, no refunds are given. I, the artist, will not be held responsible for the customers mistakes in regard to files they purchased or meant to purchase instead.

As for commissioned artworks, only I the artist has the right to cancel the request for any reason that might come up. However, you will be refunded if the commission is not being accepted. 



-NOT allowed for use with manufacturers or POD services such as: Zazzle, Redbubble, Spoonflower, Cafe press, Amazon, Society6, Spoonflower, etc. (if you have questions or concerns, please email me at, on occasion I will allow manufacture with trusted services along with a signed NDA.)


-This is a finished work of art, NOT clipart. It cannot be altered in any way. This includes colour, text, removing and adding elements, saturation, brightness, etc.
-NO digital items.
-NO reselling, remaking, or tracing.

Colours displayed on your monitor or mobile device may vary in relation to printed designs

All designs are hand drawn by me, which leaves room for small errors or flaws. At times updates will be sent for possible errors

Purchased designs are for sublimation printing, physical products, fabric printing, scrapbooking, and more! 

By purchasing you are agreeing to my terms of service, I own all rights to my designs

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